Best Detangler Everrrrr- Apple Cider Vinegar & Water!

Hooollllaaaa Guys!

Okay, so I took my sister’s braids down last weekend and she had it in for too long  like 8 weeks (yikes, I know) but that’s not the point of this post hahah, I’ll judge my sister later.. So because she kept her single braids in for a while, she had some build up especially because she’s so active, (gym: which equals sweat) plus she oils/moisturizes her scalp every other day (which equals product build up) & a bunch of random lint from scarf etc. All of those factors into what I call Braid Gunk. You know the sticky build up you get after wearing braids or any protective style for too long? This:

IMG_5444 (2)
By the way her hair has grown sooo much!

Yeah, she had quite a bit of that. Well, instead of fighting through what seems like a losing battle by trying to finger detangle through that mess. I used Apple Cider Vinegar & water mixture as a detangler. Which made getting rid of that gunk a breeze!

Here are the simple items I used to make the ACV water detangler mixture:

  1. Bragg ACV

  2. Water

  3. Spray Bottle

  4. Table Spoon

I used the organic ACV that was already in my kitchen (thanks to my sis and/or brother) You don’t have to use this same brand, this is just my preference since it was both organic & free!
Then I filled up my old Bath & Body Works spray bottle. It previously had olive oil inside so I rinsed that out & I filled it up with water more than 1/2 of the bottle.  I didn’t measure, I simply just eyed it.
I poured the ACV into a table spoon & added it to the bottle filled with water. I did this step two times – Meaning I poured 2 tbl spoons of ACV into the spray bottle.
Mixture Finished
Finished ACV & Water Mixture. Hopefully you can see the color change in the spray bottle after the ACV has been added but not much of a difference in the amount of liquid inside.

I was so impressed at how much easier the process was using the ACV detangler that I actually recorded a whole vid, because you know, I just had to share the gem! Here it is below:


*Bonus* = The ACV basically cleaned her scalp like a shampoo would, so after we were done, we just deep conditioned using my homemade hair mask, here’s the link for that ===> DIY Deep Conditioner

Lemme know what you guys think below. Will you be trying the ACV & water mixture as a detangler? What do you typically do to get rid of your braid gunk?


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7 thoughts on “Best Detangler Everrrrr- Apple Cider Vinegar & Water!

  1. ACV detangler is the truth! It’s my regular detangler and it cut my sessions down from 2-3 hours to 1 hour or less Nappyheadedjojoba on YouTube put me onto it and I am so happy I found her. Haven’t tried it with a long term protective style takedown, but I know coconut oil overnight works after a month of mini twists (wrote about it on my blog)

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hey there PursuitOfNatural
      My apologies on this late reply, been swamped for days!

      Anywho, the funny thing is I’m not the biggest fan of ACV, like the smell makes me gag bad! But you’re soooo right ACV really is the truth! It does more than I can count, from health benefits to even cosmetics & of course hair! (I’m actually contemplating on blogging about that).
      As for coconut oil, ummmm hmmmm, my hair doesn’t really care for it, I honestly dont know why but my sister’s hair seem to like it so I’ll def check out your blog post about it & inform her.

      Thanks so much for stopping by xx

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  2. Honestly, I’m so glad we can talk about “braid gunk.” Haha! I use ACV as a monthly additive to my shampoo as I normally cowash but I am planning on putting braids in for the first time in a while in a couple of months so knowing I can make that part of the removal easier makes me happy. Can’t wait to try using ACV this way.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahaha because its sooo a thing, braid gunk, that is! & I know alot of people struggle with it & its typically the most arduous part of the process of taking a protective style..

      So, I’ve never cowashed but I think I may have mistakenly did just that when I used the acv & water as a detangler because my sister’s scalp was super clean by the time we were done.

      Anywho, please let me know how it goes if/when you try this acv & water detangler!
      Thanks so much for stopping by xx

      Liked by 1 person

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