DIY – Simple Way To Moisturize Your Hair!

Hey guys!

I’ve been meaning to blog about this for a while but umm hmm procrastination is a mutha! But I have finally overcome.

Okay so my hair used to get mighty, I mean super uber duper dry to the point it had flakes & it was just.. bad. I would put only oil on my scalp but then I learned that oil only seals the moisture in your hair & since my hair was already uber dry when I applied it, that meant it was sealing..? You guessed it, dry ass hair! Desperate, I jumped on YouTube to hopefully find a solution & thank God I did. heres the vid I found verrrry helpful with creating the mixture to help me moisturize my hair. 

I mix Coconut oil, Olive oil, Jamaican Castor oil, Tea Tree oil,  Palmer’s Olive Leave-in Conditioner, Palmer’s Hair milk, and most importantly a lot of water in a spray bottle. (Dont pay attention to the meat in the background hahaha I mean I gotta eat).


Also don’t clown my spray bottle hahaha I know people actually go out & buy this one below but I didn’t feel the need to go spend some more money when I have empty bottles of body sprays laying around.

Spray B.jpg

So yes, I used this empty one from Bath & Body Works (which smells so good btw) and still worked for the purpose of this

My Spritsz Bottle.jpg

So I put water up to like a good 60% like this


Then I added the oils & conditioner in no particular order or measurement, I kinda just eyed everything. I was really heavy handed on the tea tree oil though since it has really the anti fungal components in fighting the flakes on my scalp I got due to dry hair. Now I’m not quite certain if I am allergic to coconut oil just yet, so I just added just a bit. And voi·la! Here is the mixture up close & personal!


Here’s another angle.


Its quite easy to make & let me tell ya it has done wonders for my hair! I try to spray my hair every other day or at the very least 2 day interval. My hair feels so much better & hydrated! 

Tell me how you keep your hair moisturized & if maybe you’re gonna give this a try.

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Uzo Aduba Advices Her 18 Year Old Self & Its Hilarious!

Now I’m not an avid watcher of the Netflix series Orange Is The New Black but I do love “Crazy Eyes” aka Uzo Aduba.

C eyes

And just when I thought I couldn’t love her anymore I find this interview with Teen Vogue her talking to her 18 year old self (she’s now 35 years old).  I swear its the funniest thing I’ve seen all day & so I decided to share with you guys.

Courtesy of Teen Vogue. Enjoy!

#ipromoteblack #ilovemyblack #iampositiveblack   

Uzo gave some really phenomenal advice about love, hard work, friends and so forth; I think that anyone can relate to, esp women. I really appreciated where she emphasizes the importance of women having other women around. I can’t tell you just how many times I’ve heard women (the messy, dramatic as hell  btw) say they don’t like having female friends or hanging with women period -__- I automatically think to myself  like if ALL the women you’ve been friends with have somehow ended the friendship in not so great ways, ummmm news flash, the issue is YOU  & not the entire female gender.

Let me know what you guys think below.

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Man Weave? Is That Even A Thing?

Yes apparently it is a thing after all! 

I first heard about the term “man weave” like last year but I thought it was just dudes getting their toupees glued on, no big deal. But boy was I wrong!

Man Weave – the art of men adding hair to their barely there or just straight non-existent hairline and/or hair in general (my own definition)

Men are now doing sew ins, tracks, full on weave installation!! I’m talking spraying, gluing, cutting & pasting, corn rows/locs with extensions and EVERYTHING!

I guess some of these guys don’t want to keep being victimized by male pattern baldness, so they’re taking action! I can’t be mad at that. For me as long as you tell me like “Look babe, this ain’t all mines.. I may have added a little bit of that virgin Malaysian hair or some of that Kanekalon Marley hair color 1B extension to my own”(hahaha let me stop being facetious) but yeah I guess its okay? So long as he doesn’t just randomly yank his weave off one day without letting me know in advance that he was rocking extensions? I mean don’t just surprise me outta no where, let me know in advance! I’m talking 2nd date type notification, that way I can make my decision quick fast & in a hurry. Not on the first date because I want to at least enjoy my time & if there is a second date then that usually means there’s more than a physcial connection there.. I think.

I’ve taken the liberty of finding & attaching pictures of men rocking their extensions. Take a looksy.



Man W 8


ManWeave 2


Man W 7

Man Weave 3


Man Weave 4


Man Weave 5


Man W 6


Man Weave 6


ManWeave 1


Man Weave sew in


So would you date a man that is part takes in the “man weave” movement? or is that a hell no?! Or you wouldn’t care about that minuscule detail because hey, love is love??

Guys – would you try this out? Do you know one of your boys that’s apart of this movement? Comment below


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