Black-Owned Beauty Supply Stores – My Experience

Hooolllaaaa Guys – Its Hump Day yayyy! I hope you all are holding on b/c we’re almost there!  Its pretty rainy & gray here but oh well, that’s fall for ya, but I digress…

So, if you are a Black person that lives in the U.S. odds are you’ve been to at least one beauty supply store in your life; I mean, that’s just the truth of the matter. Me being a Black woman, that likes to get her hair done frequently, particularly braids style, I’ve visited countless BSS in my lifetime. With that being said, Black people are at the very least 98% of all the BSS customers (I left the 2% to be very generous). However, it’s no secret that there really aren’t many BSS that are owned by Black people (sad, I know). Beauty supply stores are usually owned by Asians (Koreans) – that often times aren’t the most welcoming (as if they’re doing YOU – the paying customer a favor) then there are the teeny tiny encounters where they are in fact a bit welcoming – though, the latter is very far few & in between.

So, when I wanted to get my bob braids done earlier this month, I decided to do a search for a Black-Owned beauty supply stores near me (even though there is a BSS right up the street from my house), I found a couple but they were a bit further than I anticipated. However, not one to be easily deterred, I kept searching & stumbled on this gem in Baltimore MD – Beauty Plus  Their website is not up & running just yet, but you can find all the info you need on their Facebook page, which I’ve already linked above. Though it took me about an hour & a half to get there (I was determined yall), I was so grateful to make it because… To be honest, I don’t think I can ever fully articulate the feeling I had walking into a BSS & seeing that a Black person actually OWNS it, like wow! It was my first time ever in an opened & running Black-Owned Beauty Supply Store!

FullSizeRender (31)


Beauty Plus 1

My happy ass & Megan (Store Co-owner)

Sorry for the grainy pic but it looked much clearer on my iPhone  -__-  & I wish I took way more pics but thats is all I have.

The customer service was great! The store was very neat & had everything I needed for my braids. It was super easy to find, especially for my geographically challenged self (judge me not). I spoke with Megan for bit & asked her how biz was doing, she replied that the support from the community has been overwhelming from day one; which of course, warmed my heart. Honestly, before Megan even made the statement about the community being so supportive, I was in the store for all of maybe 6 minutes (because ya girl was parked by a meter that I didn’t pay for, shhh)  & while I was there at least two other customers came in & bought stuff! So, I definitely got a sense of what she meant by support from the community.

All in all, I was super impressed, but more so grateful – its hard to explain. I was so excited!! Definitely just became my go-to beauty supply store!

The great news is there are more & more Black-owned supply stores springing up in the country, thank God! Here are some links that have lists of Black-Owned beauty supply stores:


How is the Beauty Supply Store scene where you live? Have you ever been to a Black-Owned BSS? Do you plan to? As I was finishing up this post, I thought to myself: I wonder if this is the case outside of the US?

Let me know in the comments below! xx


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SheHive Coming to DC!

Happy New Week Guys!

Yes, I’m well aware that it’s Tuesday, but for me, Mondays are just test runs. Sooooo my week doesn’t actually start till Tuesday (judge me not)!

So I’m super excited that She Leads Africa aka SLA is the awesome organization that is

“A community that helps young African women achieve their professional dreams. With engaging online content and pan-African events, our vision is to become the #1 destination for smart and ambitious young women.”  SheLeadsAfrica

I admire SLA intuitive ways of educating entrepreneurs on how to achieve goals that may be impossible especially for an entrepreneur with a full time job. Their content (blogs/newsletter) is so authentic & relateable that you almost feel as though they’re speaking to you directly with their helpful tactics & strategies!


She Leads Africa has been on tour for better part of the year under SHEHive, which has visited many cities across the world from Lagos to New York to Nairobi to London & now  coming to Washington DC (SHEHive DC) for a 3-day event from June 22nd – June 25th: with workshops, discussion panels, network opportunities, food, & much much more!


I would most certainly recommend this conference/event if:

  1. You’re an entrepreneur or aspiring to become one
  2. You want to be in great company with like minded business savy people
  3. Networking with potential mentors and investors

Based on the past reviews from other cities they’ve visited, I would say its beyond worth attending!

Location: Impact Hub DC, 419 7th St NW suite 300, Washington, DC 20004, USA.

Friday, Saturday & Sunday Time: 11AM – 6PM

For more information & to purchase tickets 

Will you be in attendance??? Let me know below!

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Its A Curl Thing – Natural Hair Conference (Recap)

Hey Guys.. I know, I know, its been a looooooooooooooong while. I have no excuses, life’s just been super hectic (in a great way)! Trying to organize everything I have going on is um.. challenging! But I’m proving to myself everyday that it can be done, so here I am.

I’ve been attending quite a number of events – networking, conferences, expos, meetups hahahaha

& the most recent event I attended was a natural hair event ‘Its A Curl Thing’ organized and held at McDaniel College; actual organizers were Kylah Chadwick and Khadijah Poston.  It was a really great, very well put together event & it was executed accordingly. I am so proud to say I was apart of this awesome program and to think these young ladies are juniors in college & can still manage to pull something like this off is amazing! When I was in college I could barely remember what room # my classes were (judge me not), talk less of organizing an event of this magnitude.

I was there as a vendor and met such wonderful people, both the McDaniel students & non-students and even the staff. Seriously, everyone in attendance was so  welcoming & passionate about natural hair.

Here is a quick footage below

Some pictures:

My view from my table; as they were setting up
Me in my Skatsz Satin Lined Beanie.. My face when they said the pizza was finished hahah


She couldn’t wait to wear her Skatsz Satin Lined beanie hahah & I couldn’t wait to snap her pix ha! Too Cute!
A raffle ticket winner & other attendees
Kayla & Khadijah – Awesome organizers
The amazing volunteers.. But why is her Afro is luscious?! 

You can also check out the article on McDaniel’s website: Click this link

Let me know what you guys think of the review in the comment section below.

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New Product Review!

Hellluuurrrrrrrr Guys!!!

I’ve been gone for a while & I promise I had every intention on blogging but so much has transpired in such a short amount of time (yes a month to me is like a day). I honestly hadn’t realize how long its been since my last blog post till I got an email asking if I had abandoned my blog hahahaha! At that very moment I had to look at my life & get it together, so here I am!

I’m super excited to show you guys this new review of our satin lined beanie! The review is done by one of my personal fave YouTube vloggers Mona B. Her channel has been a go-to of mine for a while now for many different reasons, so I was beyond ecstatic when she agreed to do an honest review of our Skatsz beanie.  Check it out below

I’ve also attached her (Mona B) social media accounts below. She has several videos about makeup, natural hair styles & plenty more on her channel & her social media account. You’re welcome 🙂


Let me know what you guys think of the review in the comment section below.

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Fall/Winter Season Hair Care Tips

Thank God Its Friday!!!!

I honestly don’t know how I made it through this week but thank Gawwwwd its over!

We’ve just turned our clocks back by an hour for daylight savings.. or is it daylight spending? Is there even such a thing? Whatever its called, we sha have turned our clock back an hour, which is pretty much is indicative of the cold season approaching or that it’s already here ( Sorry I’m ridiculously confused today). I digress.. So anyway I thought I’d share with you guys some really good tips to help your hair thrive in these coming months. Check out the list below. 


*16. Wear satin lined hats to keep from stripping hair of moisture

Will you be trying any of these tips? 


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Natural Hair Event: Let Me School You!


 Image result for let me school you dc



WHEN: 1PM – 8PM  (1-4pm Marketplace & 4-7 Classes)


Where: Hyatt, 33 New York Ave, NE, D.C.,   





Classes: Curl Coaching DIY,  Master Skin & Scalp Class,  

Ask Karen of Karen’s Body Beautiful !  & Weave It Alone On Loc!

See you there!

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New Website: New Colors In Stock!

TGIF Guys!

I have exciting news! OUR WEBSITE IS HERE!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYY

We’re are finally moving from amazon & ebay to our very own webby!  I know quite a number of people have inquired about when our site will be up and running, & to the people that didn’t have an ebay account but created one just to complete their order with us; we love you hahah

So yeah, Its been a long time coming but you can now place your orders for your satin lined beanies at:

Also another update is that we’ve gotten some new colors in stock! To be honest my original plan was to make a post about each color as they came in but let me tell ya, procrastination is real!  I think there should be like a mandatory class in college that teaches students how NOT to wait till last minute to do stuff & you have to take it every semester till senior year.. but that’s a conversation for another time. Anywho below are our new colors 🙂

Blue Beanie/ Pink & Black Polka Dot Satin
Gray Beanie/ Red & Black Polka Dots Satin
Teal Beanie
Teal Beanie/ Red & White Polka Dots Satin


Check us out & let me know what you guys think!

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Black Women Are This, Black Women Are That – Common Misconceptions

T G I F!

Since I am a Black Woman myself, I thought I’d share this video (via ) that hilariously addresses the negative stereotypes about Black Women. I found it even more impressive since its coming from a man’s perspective & he breaks it down like never before, take a look.



I for one know there are more men that don’t buy into the negative narrative about Black Women, than there are the ones that do. With that being said, I think Kevin does a great job of debunking the negative misconceptions all while still being hilarious.The analogy about Scar & Sarabi had me in tears hahah but made all the sense in the world!

Lemme know what you think below.

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Uzo Aduba Advices Her 18 Year Old Self & Its Hilarious!

Now I’m not an avid watcher of the Netflix series Orange Is The New Black but I do love “Crazy Eyes” aka Uzo Aduba.

C eyes

And just when I thought I couldn’t love her anymore I find this interview with Teen Vogue her talking to her 18 year old self (she’s now 35 years old).  I swear its the funniest thing I’ve seen all day & so I decided to share with you guys.

Courtesy of Teen Vogue. Enjoy!

#ipromoteblack #ilovemyblack #iampositiveblack   

Uzo gave some really phenomenal advice about love, hard work, friends and so forth; I think that anyone can relate to, esp women. I really appreciated where she emphasizes the importance of women having other women around. I can’t tell you just how many times I’ve heard women (the messy, dramatic as hell  btw) say they don’t like having female friends or hanging with women period -__- I automatically think to myself  like if ALL the women you’ve been friends with have somehow ended the friendship in not so great ways, ummmm news flash, the issue is YOU  & not the entire female gender.

Let me know what you guys think below.

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