Get Great Winter Hair with Skatsz Hat!(Product Review)

So I just stumbled on Zig Beswick, a UK blogger’s review of our Skatsz Dami beanie Yeeeep! Check it out below:


My Small Secret to Great Winter Hair


1st pic

Winter rolled through again and we’re in that cold/rainy spell before we can embrace spring. Our skin is considerably dryer and so we slather on the emollients and moisturizers as a barrier against the lashing winds and icy rain but what about our hair? We don’t seem to give it the same justice and if you have even the slightest curl to your hair you know how cold and dry do not mix with it. Of course you may up the deep conditioning, use a leave in and ensure the ends have a lil love but when you step out that door to mother nature she has no mercy for windswept coiffures. Well, I’ve found the solution and who knew it could be so simple! 


pic2pic 3

Black Satin Lined Beanie ‘Dami’

A hat! I’ve been really into my hats as of late, I didn’t think I suited them or could fit them over my fro but have found a few (beret’s and baker boys) that suit my style even when my hair is not in twists underneath. “Oh”, I hear you sigh, “hide my tresses under a hat, yay, warm head but when I step in the room it’s hat hair for the day.” No not quite. Because there’s one beanie in my collection that’s something special and works a treat for all hair types. Have you ever noticed, especially with natural hair, how some hats particularly seamed beanies can snag and pull at the hair? They’re also made of thick woolen mix materials that keep you warm yes, but suck every ounce of life out of it. That’s where SKATSZ come in. A. SATIN. LINED. BEANIE. As soon as I got my hands on it I showed it around the natural haired girls of my acting class who all cooed in awe and swore they needed one too. Knitted to perfection at the top with a wicked satin pattern layered underneath meaning no snags, all the moisture retention and all the warmth.


I’ve worn it ever since and love that it hasn’t compromised my style with the array to choose from nor have I had to actually change anything in my general hair care routine. I can wear my hair out in the winter knowing I can move between locations with my hair not being battered around by the elements. The satin lining means the fibres of my hair smooth and glide against it reducing friction which leads to breakage, frizz and moisture loss. It also means that the smooth underlay keeps my hair style intact! I wear satin scarves to bed and sleep on satin pillowcases for these reasons and so it makes sense that anything touching my hair thereafter should be the same luxury. It’s stylish and not heavy or uncomfortable like trying to wear one of my bonnets under a hat would be. It’s thick enough to be a proper outdoor hat and saviour for winter hair.

pic 5pic 6

A Skatsz hat  is perfect for wigs and weaves too, reducing friction and shedding whilst still keeping you warm. I don’t think my other hats can compare now, it makes such a thoughtful gift for the holiday season & for the (natural) fellas, they’re affordable and will last a lifetime. No matter your hair type, if you suffer from super dry hair come winter, crown breakage or are looking for a healthy alternative for your winter styling, check out these hats they’re the necessity of my hair life I never knew I needed.

How’s that for a winter hair secret?

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Your Bonnet Could Be Costing You Your Edges?!?!

Happy Friday ! Yayyyy! 

I had an epiphany & I figured hey, since I’m just now putting two & two together, others out there may not know either! Okay, so If you’re noticing your edges thinning out or breaking and you cant seem to put your finger on it because:

A) You’re not getting tight hairstyles done or putting so much tension on your edges.

B) You oil/moisturize your edges accordingly.

Well, it may just be the last thing you’d suspect, which is;

C). You’re wearing bonnets with the elastic band around it:

Silk Bonnet
Example bonnet found online 
my old bonnet

The elastic ends around your bonnet could very well be the culprit for your thinning edges. GASP! I know, but think about it, while you’re doing a good job wearing a satin/silk bonnet, your edges are suffering due to the tension that’s caused from the elastic part of the bonnet rubbing against it. I used to wear the purple bonnet (pictured above) but for some reason I could never find it (maybe it was my edges subliminally making me misplace it?) Funny thing is, I found it just in time to take a pic for this post & I promise you I have no idea where it is now hahahah! I’m not kidding!

Viable alternatives to your demon-edges-snatching-bonnet:

1.Satin scarf like this:

I wear this animal print scarf to sleep when I’m feeling sexy hahahahahh

You can buy/find this literally anywhere in life; WeBuyBlack Beauty Supply Store, Amazon, first check your mom’s Closet! Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever in my whole life purchased a scarf, specially the ones I wear wrap my hair to sleep in. They just sort of appear in my closet (most likely from my Scarf Ferry aka my mom or sisters hahah) Interesting… an epiphany within an epiphany!

2. Skatsz Satin Lined Beanie:



Since each beanie has satin lining on the inside I tend to use it as a bonnet too; they’re pretty stretchy, so I throw it on my head & its nighty night for me! Bonus: I get to wear them outside without looking dumb like I would if I was wearing a bonnet. You can purchase these satin lined beanies & other colors at 


 Have you ever had this bonnet issue? Let me know if you have other alternatives. Comment below xx


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Black Friday Sale!

Happy Hump Day!

Tomorrow is thanksgiving so we decided to start our sale of Black Friday through Cyber Monday with 30% off the whole website. Its getting cold out so instead of wearing cotton hats that strips your hair of moisture thereby causing breakage & hair loss,  purchase our satin/silk lined beanie that will not only keep you warm this winter but also help to keep your hair’s much needed moisture intact, amongst other benefits!

  Purchase your satin/silk lined beanie at 


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Simple Way to Grow Your Eyebrows Back

I posted earlier about celebrities and their super bold brows so I figure I should blog about just how to achieve such; for anyone struggling with thinning eyebrows or just looking to grow them thicker.

 I stopped getting my brows plucked/threaded so thin this past year (January 2016). I decided to grow it out & just let it do its thing. Let me tell y’all since I stopped getting them plucked, I’ve been saving money! I’m talking 10$-12 $ every 4 weeks type. (That might not be a lot to some but that’s 3 piece combo with a drink at popeyes!)

A true masterpiece

Mhmmm look at that beauty, yummmmm!

Okay so to help my brows along I started a regimen. Because while my brows are uber wide & thick, its also scattered at the ends so that tends to thin out and that’s where the help is needed for me. My regimen is real simple; applying Jamaican Caster Oil on my eyebrows nightly. I researched & found that not only does castor oil help grow the hair on your head but it is also applicable on other areas of your body; eyebrows being one of them. Below are the steps I’ve practiced for the past two months or so.


Black Castor Oil

4 Simple Steps For Healthier Eyebrows

  1. Wash your face wit soap
  2. Towel dry enough to where your brows aren’t all the way dry but aren’t drenched either
  3. Then put a drop/or two of castor oil on you index finger + gently rub onto desired area of growth on your eyebrows
  4. In addition if you don’t sleep on satin sheets, then pull your bonnet/scarf to cover your eyebrows too. Because you may not realize this, but the cotton material (any other material not silk/satin) that your bed sheets and pillow cases are made of could potentially be causing your brows to thin out; similar to what cotton hats do to your hair (strips moisture, leaving it brittle dry + more susceptible to breakage) in this case it’ll make your eyebrows hard for it to grow.

Again, I naturally have thick brows, so I generally apply the castor oil at night before going to sleep. However, you can apply morning & night; whatever suits you. Like myself, you should start to notice growth within a week or two. You have to be patient because your eyebrows are going to go through that enviable awkward phase where it just looks weird because of the hair stubble growing out in that would’ve otherwise been waxed/threaded off. So just relax & keep on keeping on. You’ll eventually notice thicker fuller brows in no time. Take pics, Take a lot! I can’t stress that enough so you can actually see the difference + the growth. I would say take a pic of your brows weekly. Keep in mind that everyone’s brows grow at different speeds so be patient. I’m at month 4/5 (I think). 

Below are my brow transformation. The 2nd & 3rd pictures are 2/3 months apart I think. I apologize ahead of time as my pictures were taken at the most random time possible, because well… I’m a very random person.


FullSizeRender (4)
Why God? Just why hahaha, sometime between 2011 – 2014 when I got my brows threaded I believe
January 2016; last time I got my brows waxed. I just woke up here so excuse my crazy eyes ahhahaha
March 2016


I see a major difference esp in such a short amount of time of 2 months! Now I have to be honest, I haven’t been as dedicated to this regimen after the month of march so I gotta get back!

What do you guys think? Are you gonna try this? Have you tried something similar & had awesome results on your eyebrows? Comment below!

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