Grow Your Hair Long & Healthy With What?!?! Rice Water?

Hey Guys – Happy New week! (Yes, I’m aware it’s Tuesday, Monday is a trial run for me hahahah)!

Okay so,  I was minding my business, per usual right? Scrolling through my timeline when BAM! This lady’s video hits me in the face. Dr. Debbie Williams –  A hair professional claims that rice water grows your hair faster, thicker & healthier.. say whaaaaaat?! Now being Nigerian, I eat rice like everyday & I was taught to rinse out the rice water.. not put in my hair; so this particular process is very intriguing to me to say the least. It’s quite easy to do actually, you’re literally just soaking rice in water for a long period (hours or even overnight) then you rinse your hair with its water like you would regularlly.

Here’s the vid for more info & instructions:


So what do you guys think?  Will you be trying the rice water rinse?

Let me know below xx

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Skatsz Fall ’17 Collection!!!

Hooollllaaaa Guys!

Its a snow day here – well, really not really.. Just some flurries, but it was enough to have the grocery stores swamped with long lines yesterday with people trying to “prep” for the snow; meanwhile all I wanted to buy was cookie dough. But, one thing for certain is that, it was cold then & it’s cold now! Like 19 degrees Fahrenheit to be exact; winter has surely arrived – Perfect timing to talk about Skatsz New ’17 Collection!!!! *Insert a yelp here*

Skatsz satin lined beanies are designed to help keep moisture in your hair & avoid dryness, frizz, breakage and other damages to the hair that’s caused by the cotton in regular beanies. All while keeping you warm & toasty too, yeah, you’re welcome 😛

So, the new collection has three styles of beanies with two colors each (yeeeep)!  I’ve inserted hyper links in the names of each style so you can click on it to see what it looks like on the website. 

Take a looksy below:

Style 1. Adeola – Black Pom Beanie  with black & white polka dot satin inside 

I secretly call it the Black Panther hahaha


Style 2. Adeola – Mustard Pom Beanie with black & white polka dot satin inside



Style 2. Ori – Burgendy: Cable Knit Pom Beanie  with yellow & white polka dot satin inside 



4. Ori – Pink: Cable Knit Pom Beanie  with multi- colored satin inside



Style 5. Dami – Black Beanie with multi colored satin inside


6. Dami – Tan Beanie with yellow & black polka dot satin inside


All styles are now available on the website:

Use Code SKB20 – Save 20% off (exp 1/1/2018)

Let me know what you think below xx


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SheHive Coming to DC!

Happy New Week Guys!

Yes, I’m well aware that it’s Tuesday, but for me, Mondays are just test runs. Sooooo my week doesn’t actually start till Tuesday (judge me not)!

So I’m super excited that She Leads Africa aka SLA is the awesome organization that is

“A community that helps young African women achieve their professional dreams. With engaging online content and pan-African events, our vision is to become the #1 destination for smart and ambitious young women.”  SheLeadsAfrica

I admire SLA intuitive ways of educating entrepreneurs on how to achieve goals that may be impossible especially for an entrepreneur with a full time job. Their content (blogs/newsletter) is so authentic & relateable that you almost feel as though they’re speaking to you directly with their helpful tactics & strategies!


She Leads Africa has been on tour for better part of the year under SHEHive, which has visited many cities across the world from Lagos to New York to Nairobi to London & now  coming to Washington DC (SHEHive DC) for a 3-day event from June 22nd – June 25th: with workshops, discussion panels, network opportunities, food, & much much more!


I would most certainly recommend this conference/event if:

  1. You’re an entrepreneur or aspiring to become one
  2. You want to be in great company with like minded business savy people
  3. Networking with potential mentors and investors

Based on the past reviews from other cities they’ve visited, I would say its beyond worth attending!

Location: Impact Hub DC, 419 7th St NW suite 300, Washington, DC 20004, USA.

Friday, Saturday & Sunday Time: 11AM – 6PM

For more information & to purchase tickets 

Will you be in attendance??? Let me know below!

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