Thank You, Obama!

Happy Friday Guys!!! Today marks the start of a new administration in the United States of America & that means the man that has been our president for the past 8 years: Barack Obama is now exiting. That means he’s taking our elegant, beautiful, and sophisticated First Lady Michelle with him. *tears*  It’s been a … More Thank You, Obama!

New Product Review!

Hellluuurrrrrrrr Guys!!! I’ve been gone for a while & I promise I had every intention on blogging but so much has transpired in such a short amount of time (yes a month to me is like a day). I honestly hadn’t realize how long its been since my last blog post till I got an … More New Product Review!

Black Friday Sale!

Happy Hump Day! Tomorrow is thanksgiving so we decided to start our sale of Black Friday through Cyber Monday with 30% off the whole website. Its getting cold out so instead of wearing cotton hats that strips your hair of moisture thereby causing breakage & hair loss,  purchase our satin/silk lined beanie that will not … More Black Friday Sale!