90’s Tribute: Hats Edition!

Happy Saturday Guys!!!

Now we all know the 90’s was super iconic! From the movies & TV shows to the music and of course the fashion! I personally love just how colorful & vibrant and yet so simple the 90’s were in terms of fashion. The hats were something serious too, celebs rocked kangols hats, bucket hats, beanies, Kofi hats and bandanas as hats & etc. Crazy thing is they made it all look so good! 


Queen Latifah 2TCQNia LongJanet JackThe Fresh Prince of Bel-AirBrandy album cover - hatChilliMef+Buss

Jada Pinkett

Tia+Tam2Tupac in beanie 2LL Cool J 2fresh_princeEBadu+BussSalt n PepperTTT2

Tupac in beanie

This has nothing to do with hats but come on, would it really be a 90’s tribute without this iconic scene from House Party? Hmm? Hmm? 


But seriously, the whole world can’t seem to get enough of the 90’s fashion & it’s evident in today’s constant tribute to the sensational decade, can’t say I blame though. Somebody send us a time machine already, puh-lease!

What’s your fave decade? Share below xx

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Nappily Ever After – A Celebration of Black Hair!


By now, a good majority of us have seen the Netflix original ‘Nappily Ever After’ starring Sanaa Lathan. I actually counted down to see this movie, ever since I heard Sanaa  shaved her bald for the role – I found it intriguing. I wasn’t aware of the book, so I didn’t really know what to expect but it was a really good movie with an even better message – Love yourself & be comfortable in your own skin!

At the start of the movie, Violet, (Sanaa’s character) was obsessed with being unrealistically perfect, especially with her hair; stemming from childhood traumas & her mother’s constant reinforcement. However, as the movie progressed, the trajectory of her character was one that was very much  relatable;  going against the grain in life. Whether you’re a natural or not, we’ve all experienced “the big chop” in a sense – a need for a fresh start at life for one reason or another. Violet, went from an impromptu shaving of her head due to a meltdown to actually being reintroduced to her natural hair & loving it. She of course struggled with her decision at first but eventually got a hang of it (boy can I relate). With her confidence reinstated in herself, her big chop being the catalyst, she eventually stopped seeking validation in others & began valuing her own feelings about herself.

It’s an empowering movie that tells us that our own hair, black hair is indeed beautiful just the way it is & we don’t need to alter it to be deemed acceptable. As mentioned in the movie, it’s not that black women should feel guilty about wearing anything other than natural hair, whether it’s weaves, wigs or other protective styles. Rather, it’s that they should know that their natural hair is just as beautiful as any other type, and they are worthy of respect regardless of how they choose to wear their hair. It’s a powerful message, especially for this new generation of natural enthusiast coming up – to show that it is never too late to (re)discover yourself, love yourself,  stand up for yourself & be comfortable in your own skin!

Here’s Sanaa talking about her big chop & her feelings after


I put up a poll on IG to ask if people still thought the word “Nappy” was a bad word;


I was genuinely surprised that the overwhelming majority voted that they didn’t consider “nappy” a bad word; I personally don’t either. Though I understand the history behind the word, it was all the more reason it was great to see us embracing a word that was once (& probably still) has negative connotation about Black/African hair.

Have you seen Nappily Ever After? What are your thoughts? Comment below xx

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Skatsz Fall ’17 Collection!!!

Hooollllaaaa Guys!

Its a snow day here – well, really not really.. Just some flurries, but it was enough to have the grocery stores swamped with long lines yesterday with people trying to “prep” for the snow; meanwhile all I wanted to buy was cookie dough. But, one thing for certain is that, it was cold then & it’s cold now! Like 19 degrees Fahrenheit to be exact; winter has surely arrived – Perfect timing to talk about Skatsz New ’17 Collection!!!! *Insert a yelp here*

Skatsz satin lined beanies are designed to help keep moisture in your hair & avoid dryness, frizz, breakage and other damages to the hair that’s caused by the cotton in regular beanies. All while keeping you warm & toasty too, yeah, you’re welcome 😛

So, the new collection has three styles of beanies with two colors each (yeeeep)!  I’ve inserted hyper links in the names of each style so you can click on it to see what it looks like on the website. 

Take a looksy below:

Style 1. Adeola – Black Pom Beanie  with black & white polka dot satin inside 

I secretly call it the Black Panther hahaha


Style 2. Adeola – Mustard Pom Beanie with black & white polka dot satin inside



Style 2. Ori – Burgendy: Cable Knit Pom Beanie  with yellow & white polka dot satin inside 



4. Ori – Pink: Cable Knit Pom Beanie  with multi- colored satin inside



Style 5. Dami – Black Beanie with multi colored satin inside


6. Dami – Tan Beanie with yellow & black polka dot satin inside


All styles are now available on the website: www.skatsz.com/shop

Use Code SKB20 – Save 20% off (exp 1/1/2018)

Let me know what you think below xx


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