Thank You, Obama!

Happy Friday Guys!!!

Today marks the start of a new administration in the United States of America & that means the man that has been our president for the past 8 years: Barack Obama is now exiting. That means he’s taking our elegant, beautiful, and sophisticated First Lady Michelle with him. *tears*  It’s been a bittersweet day (well mostly bitter because he’s leaving) but more sweet because we even got a chance to have him for almost 10 years. And for that, I & millions of people around the world are beyond grateful.

I can’t really articulate exactly how I am feeling, but here is a great tribute to sum it all up

We miss you & love you Obama!


What has Obama meant to you?


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7 thoughts on “Thank You, Obama!

  1. Like the video mentioned Obama represented change and that’s what we all need. What he’s done for our nation will be remembered as well as what Michelle has done. Simply put I am grateful for them and I will be optimistic for the next four years to come.

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