Fall/Winter Season Hair Care Tips

Thank God Its Friday!!!!

I honestly don’t know how I made it through this week but thank Gawwwwd its over!

We’ve just turned our clocks back by an hour for daylight savings.. or is it daylight spending? Is there even such a thing? Whatever its called, we sha have turned our clock back an hour, which is pretty much is indicative of the cold season approaching or that it’s already here ( Sorry I’m ridiculously confused today). I digress.. So anyway I thought I’d share with you guys some really good tips to help your hair thrive in these coming months. Check out the list below. 


*16. Wear satin lined hats to keep from stripping hair of moisture

Will you be trying any of these tips? 


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3 thoughts on “Fall/Winter Season Hair Care Tips

  1. Hi skatz 🙂 I actually started using the baggy method i was surprised to see the heat forming on the plastic cap. I want to believe the same happens for the greenhouse method. Great tips for a winter regiment. What is the purpose of using a thicker oil? Thanks for sharing 🙂


    1. Heyyyy
      So sorry I’m responding so late, somehow this slipped through the cracks. But the essence of using thicker oils in the winter is because our hair tends to dry out quicker in the colder months, so the thicker oils do a great job sealing in the much needed moisture.

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