Eyebrow Evolution

Though they are just meant to protect your eyes from sweat & other particles coming down your face, in all honesty your eyebrows make a statement long before you actually utter a word! That’s literally the first thing I notice on a person’s face. Its like that’s the window to their beauty regime or something like that sha. You know kinda like how the eyes are supposedly the window to one’s soul? Yeah that’s what a person’s eyebrows is to me. If you disagree take a look at Beyonce with no brows.

beyonce no brows

Yeah creepy, I know. Clearly her eyebrows were photo shopped out but that’s just how important the brows are!

Back in my moms era like sometime in the 1700s hahah! I kid. But really tho, a long time ago they would just shave their brows. Yes, you read that right, Women. Would. Shave. Their. Entire. Eyebrows. & then.. wait for it,  draw them back on.. I was waiting for you to process that information as well because I too was wondering what in the actual fudge possess someone to shave their brows only for them to draw it back! But in hindsight  I think women continued to shave their brows off or just shave them down real thin well into the 90’s so much so it became the fashion fad in that era as well.

hahaha a bit extreme
Skinny Eyebrows
No real reason for this pic but was just funny as hell to me!


Being a person that grew up in the 90’s & early 2000’s I am very familiar with the over plucked, thin, barely there & frankly scary looking eyebrows were the ish back then. If you ask me, it just made everyone look perpetually surprised.

Exhibit A.

Tyra B eyebrows
Tyra Banks

Exhibit B.

Angie Jolie thin brow
Angelina Joile

Exhibit C.

Gwen thin brows
Gwen Stefani

Exhibit D.

Megan Good brows

Exhibit E.


Okay I think you guys get the point.

Thankfully we are now passed that awful fashion phase & on to thicker fuller healthier bolder brows. Thanks to people like Janelle Monae, Zendaya, Cara Delevingne, Serena Williams, Lily Collins just to name a few. Now some might have enhanced their brows with makeup but the point is that thicker brows are now sought after and are deemed fashionable!

Janelle Monae bushy bold beautiful
Zen 2
Zendaya au natural
Cara 2
Cara D Bold Badass brows
Beyonce queen of the eyebrow arch!
Lily Collins
Lily Collins & her signature thick eyebrows
Sofia V
Sofia Vergara busy bold brows
Lala Anthony
Lala Anthony thick clean shaped eyebrows
Serena Williams thick bushy bold shaped brows
Sol eyebrows
Solange Knowles thick bold brows! I Love!!

Here are some Eyebrowlution, get it? Eyebrow + Evolution? haahah

Eyebrowlution 6Eyebrowlution 5Eyebrowlution 4Eyebrowlution 2Eyebrowlution 1

These gals came a long way with their barely there brows, and now look at them. Well done guys!

So do you prefer your brows to be thin? bold? or heck in between? Let me know below. 


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3 thoughts on “Eyebrow Evolution

    • Yeah I like the in between too. But my brows have been thru hell & back from completely shaving them off to growing them super thick. Now I’m just letting it do its thing & seeing just where its gonna go!

      Thanks for commenting 🙂

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